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If you have immigration questions about visiting, living, or studying in Los Angeles, the immigration lawyers at Greco Neyland Attorneys at Law have the answers.

Our practice in Los Angeles is exclusively and entirely focused on immigration law and the important issues facing foreign nationals in the United States today. Whether you are currently living in the Los Angeles area, recently immigrated to California, or want to visit this beautiful part of the world – an immigration lawyer at Greco Neyland can help.

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Visiting Los Angeles

 Do you want to visit Los Angeles? Most foreign visitors to Los Angeles require a visitor visa for entry into the United States.

A standard visitor visa is a non-immigration visa, meaning you can’t apply for citizenship or remaining in the U.S. indefinitely. Rather, a visitor visa is only approved for a specific amount of time, usually a maximum 6 months, and can only be used for certain purposes.

A visitor visa allows people from other countries to visit Los Angeles for tourism, personal, or business reasons. These reasons can include:

  • Tourism, for example, a trip to Disneyland
  • Visiting family or friends
  • Attending a business meeting
  • Negotiating and finalizing a business contract, or
  • Attending an educational conference.

You cannot study or work when in the United States on a visitor visa.

Studying and Working in Los Angeles

Do you want to accept a job in Los Angeles? If you want to study or work in the United States, you need a specific visa for this purpose.

The immigration laws regarding work and study in the United States are strict. Failure to comply with the terms of your visa, for example working in Los Angeles on a visitor visa, can result in deportation and long-term expulsion from the United States. Working illegally in the United States can result in a 15-year restriction on entering the country for any purpose or visa scheme.

The reasons you need an employment, study, or entertainment visa in Los Angeles include:

  • Participation in a training program or internship
  • Study at a Los Angeles elementary or high school
  • Study at a California university
  • Employment as a highly skilled worker in California
  • Transfer to the California office of a multinational company
  • Taking seasonal work in California
  • Performance at a concert or show, or
  • Participation in a professional sporting event.

There are other long-term, non-immigrant visas applicable to spouses and immediate family members of individuals coming to Los Angeles for study or work purposes.

Staying Long-Term in Los Angeles 

Each year thousands of people from other countries apply to live long-term in California, but the process is complicated and rate of success is low. Our team at Greco Neyland assists immigrants with every part of their decision to move to California, and use of our legal services greatly improves the chance of success.

We handle applications for permanent residency and naturalization, and we assist individuals that want to claim asylum in the state. Each of these immigration processes is different and requires applicants to meet specific eligibility requirements. At Greco Neyland, we help you understand the steps and timeframe for remaining in Los Angeles long-term or indefinitely.

Deportation from Los Angeles

Many immigration issues are serious and life-changing, but few immigration problems can negatively impact your life in the same manner as deportation. A Los Angeles lawyer at Greco Neyland will handle several deportation cases and matters each year. We take cases involving deportation for:

  • Illegal entry or immigration to the United States
  • Overstaying your previously approved visa
  • Failing to adhere to the terms of your visa
  • Failure to meet the reporting requirements of the USCIS, and
  • Charges or conviction of a criminal offense.

We are not only familiar with the process and hearings involved in these cases, but heavily invested in the outcome. When we undertake a deportation case, we do everything possible to help the individual stay here in California.

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Whether you have a straightforward immigration question or need long-term legal representation, Greco Neyland Attorneys at Law have the experience, compassion, and dedication to solve your immigration issue.

We work hard to find the best and easiest solution to any immigration issue and provide detailed advice on visas, denied applications, the process for citizenship in the United States, deportation, asylum, Green Cards in California, and other immigration issues.

We are L.A.’s immigration lawyers, and we are here to help.


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