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Since opening its doors in 2008, Greco Neyland has helped hundreds of individuals facing charges brought on by the government. Our mission is to provide a legal representation that clients can trust and depend on. We handle all matter with efficiency, but zealous defense. Greco Neyland understands that any action you take or being taken against you, affects you and your entire family. We pride ourselves on developing the best strategy for your case and being there for you throughout the entire process.

A pending immigration case is one of the most stressful issue one case face in their life. Greco Neyland understands the stress caused by the uncertainty of yours and your family’s future. Finding an attorney that will take the time to listen and fight for your life and liberty is essential to having peace of mind.

At Greco Neyland, we make ourselves available for your questions at any time, day, or night. We keep constant communication with our clients to provide them with peace of mind during times of uncertainty. Contacting your attorney when you need it the most is paramount to preserving and exercising your rights.

We sit down with every client to discuss every detail of their case. No case is the same and therefore, it is important to find the mitigating factors. We provide our clients with a clear strategy about how their case may be able to proceed. We weigh in the risks, benefits, and time your case will take so that you may make an educated decision.

Once we have the strategy, we zealously represent you either in Immigration court or in front of an administrative officer. We file all necessary petitions on your behalf and prepare an “immigration packet” to accompany your petition. In Immigration Court, we represent you in every Master hearing. We prepare you and your case until your individual hearing date, where you will have to testify, put on witnesses, and subject yourself to questioning by the government.  It seems scary, but we vigorously prepare you so that you are not intimidated.

We continuously visit clients in detention facilities, including Los Angeles, and Adelanto. At Greco Neyland we make sure that our detained clients know that there is someone fighting for him, or her, on the outside. We understand that sometimes our clients’ family are unable to post bond because of their own immigration status in the U.S. Therefore, we visit our clients in detention centers to obtain the information we need to prepare the client’s case.

Visit our Greco Neyland office in Huntington Park. We are centrally located to the immigration courthouse and other government buildings.

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