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Can Donald Trump Stop Birthright Citizenship?

The immigration news in the United States was dominated by a single topic this week: President Trump’s announcement that he intends to end birthright citizenship. He made the claim to the news outlet, Axios, in an interview released in part last Tuesday and fully on Sunday. His exact statement regarding the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of…

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What Steps Take You From Application to Work Visa Approval?

Our team at Greco Neyland walks you through the five steps you must complete to obtain a work visa in the United States. Each of these steps is applicable to non-immigration visas needed by foreign workers, but we don’t cover the specific eligibility requirements for the different types of work visas. You can contact our…

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Diversity Lottery Is Open: Questions on the Diversity Visa

Today is an important date for many individuals hoping to immigrate to the United States. October 3rd marks the first day that applicants can register for the 2020 Diversity Lottery. Despite being the source of some debate, and vast criticism by the current administration, the Diversity Lottery, officially called the Diversity Lottery Visa Program, will…

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