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How Recent Court Decisions Are Restricting Deportation Hearings

If you are detained in the United States as a suspected illegal or unlawful immigrant, your right to access the United States legal system and due process is incredibly important. Through a series of hearings and the right to legal counsel, an undocumented or illegal immigrant has an opportunity to show a claim for asylum…

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Green Card Marriage Interview: What Does the Government Ask?

For international couples, the first test of their relationship might not be doing the dishes or taking out the trash. It is likely that the first hurdle to a happy future is actually permanent residency approval by the United States government for a spousal Green Card. A spousal or marriage Green Card is necessary for…

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Is It Becoming More Difficult to Obtain a U.S. Entertainment Visa?

As the New York Times reported back in 2012, the U.S. system for obtaining an entertainment visa has long aggravated foreign performers. As the 2012 article indicated, the frustration with the requirements and approvals of an entertainment visa extends to all types of performers and foreign nationals. A flamenco dancer, orchestra, and rock theatre troupe…

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