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Making the Switch from Student to Worker as a U.S. Visa Holder

Many foreign students come to the U.S. just for the opportunity to study. A vast number of these students decide to return to their home country after graduation, where their education in the U.S. and command of the English language can add credence to their degree. Alternatively, some students want to remain in the U.S.…

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ICE Hits a Record High for Worker Enforcement Actions in U.S.

If you want proof that the government’s mentality and approach to immigration have shifted in the past 18 months, look no further than a recent report on actions by Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE. The National Law Review reported that between January 2018 and the first week of August, ICE served a record 5,200…

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Complexities of Seeking Refugee Status in the United States

Through the first half of 2018, the United States is on track to accept the fewest number of refugees in 40 years. This statistic represents both a recent change in the public’s attitude toward refugees and changes to actual policies. Both are driving down the number of refugees arriving in the United States, even as…

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