How can our immigration services help you build your future & reach your dreams?

Greco Neyland’s Approach to Immigration Law:

Greco Neyland is a national law firm, with a local focus on immigration in Los Angeles.

We are former prosecutors, who are passionate about fair and equitable immigration processes. We are immigration attorneys, who work tirelessly for every, single client. We are legal advocates that are tough, dedicated, and reliable. We are LA’s top immigration lawyers.

At Greco Neyland, we know immigration is your path to a stronger family, greater opportunity, and better future, but it is also an intimidating and confusing process. Our goal is to provide legal counsel that helps you solve immigration problems fast and seamlessly, but Greco Neyland can also tackle the biggest problems in immigration law.

We approach each case with the same diligence and confidence in our abilities to help you.


Former Prosecutor

As former prosecutors, we have extensive experience with investigation and detainment. We intimately know investigative procedures and interrogation tactics - because we used them. Now, we put that knowledge to use for our immigration clients. We use forceful, proactive strategies to maintain our clients’ freedom and help you stay in the United States.


Native Spanish Speaking

It is essential that every immigration client can effectively communicate with his or her lawyer – a process made more difficult if there is a substantial language barrier. But not at Greco Neyland. Our L.A. office employs several native Spanish speakers to ensure communication from attorney to client clear and fully understood.


Highly Rated

Professional organizations and legal marketplaces across the United States have recognized our success. Greco Neyland has received several accreditations and national honors, and ranks among the top law firms on in peer review and customer testimonial. These high ratings are a testament to our dedication to our practice and investment in each client.

Available 24:7

Available 24/7

Greco Neyland has a strong commitment to client communication, which is exemplified by our promise to be available at all times through our 24/7 phone line and via email. Some immigration issues require emergency action, and we promise to take your call. Contact us now, if you are detained or facing immediate deportation.

Every day immigrants to the United States must deal with the complications and complexities of the United States immigration policy and procedures.

Today, not only are applicants for temporary visas, naturalization, asylum, and permanent residency faced with a lot of paperwork and detailed processes, but must contend with a constantly changing set of policies. Dealing with the political influence on immigration law and the possible disruption to immigration applications is now, unfortunately, part of the process

Immigration approval is no longer assured simply because you check every box, although that is essential too. Instead, immigrants and other long-term visitors to the United States must know how to provide extensive information and answer very specific questions. It is a process complicated for those fluent in English, and worse for non-native speakers.

The answers to today’s immigration questions are often uncertain and sometimes unsatisfactory. This leaves individuals with immigration issues or concerns more in need of strong legal guidance than ever before.

Many immigrants to the United States live right here in Los Angeles, and at Greco Neyland, we know our proximity to clients is an important part of the services we offer. It is easy to reach our central-L.A. office and simple to contact our immigration lawyers at anytime, day or night. Proximity and availability are just two ways our firm strives to make this complicated process a little easier.